All are welcome!

At Faith Avenue Church, we believe that all people are created in the image of God.  So we affirm people regardless of their sexual orientation, race, age, or gender identification. You are welcome here, and your gifts are valued here. Let's connect to God, one another, and our world as we do life... TOGETHER!

Our Statement of Affirmation
by Sheila Bertrand

Eternal became time - bound

Lying in a trough.

Almighty became human

To show us His great love.


He who formed the Universe, 

who stretched out all the skies,

He who sprinkled stars in space

Now, helpless, there He lies.


Once enthroned in the Heavens, 

The earth His footstool then,

He cannot take a single step,

Who once walked on the wind.


The everlasting Word of God,

Speechless as a babe; 

The God who filled up all of space,

Confined now in a cave.


Who formed the hairs on every head

Suddenly can bleed.

The God by Whom all things were made

Now suffers want and need.


He blew life into everyone;

Now He takes His first breath.

Immortal God, the Timeless One,

Can now feel pain and death.


Oh, how much He loves us!

How much He condescends

To come down from His lofty throne

To be my Savior and my Friend!